Devices become powerful with applications. Both, applications with license verification and without license verification have their importance. Installing applications without license verification are difficult to install. But with the help of Lucky Patcher users can install applications without license verification safely, easily and efficiently. Users can also install the applications which are incompatible with the user’s device by removing the license verification of the applications. All the apps can be managed without any hassle through Lucky Patcher. There are no hidden or additional charges; users can install the app absolutely for free.

Features of Lucky Patcher

has become one of the most popular application manager apps. This is because it is legal, user-friendly and reliable. There are numerous impressive features of this application manager app, which has made it so successful. Here is the list of its commendable features:

  • Backup Data: Data of all the applications which are installed in the users’ devices can be backed up completely without occupying much space.
  • Move applications: Users can move applications to SD card with just a click.
  • Uninstall pre-installed apps: Pre-installed apps which do not have any utility can be uninstalled by the user with just a click. It will not affect the performance of the device.
  • All-in-one update: All the applications can be updated through Lucky Patcher.
  • Freeze applications: The applications which cause problems and disturb the proper functioning of the device are frozen by Lucky Patcher, to keep the device efficient.
  • Remove apps’ permissions: User can remove the applications’ permission and still install it without any difficulty.
  • Download custom patch: There is no need to update the applications to get its custom patch.
  • Make applications pro: Applications can be made pro by applying the custom
  • Modded Play Store: Users can install a modded Play Store, with the help of which apps that do not have license verification can be installed on the device, hassle-free.

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More About Lucky Patcher

Lucky Patcher can be installed on every device which is rooted. The application can be installed free of cost. After the app is installed, all the applications come in a compact list. The colored icon can be seen beside the name of every application. Every color is specified for a specific indication. Here is the list of the color along with what it states:

  • Red: This states that modification of the app is not possible.
  • Purple: This states a system startup app.
  • Yellow: This states that a specific patch of the application is available.
  • Orange: This states that a system app.
  • Green: This states that the app can be registered and disconnected from Google Play Store Services.
  • Blue: This states that the are present in the app.

Lucky Patcher is must have an application on your device. This application helps to elevate the performance of your device. Install Lucky Patcher on all your devices today and manage the applications.